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Welcome to the Thomas Netizen website. With the aim of linking Canadians with the world puzzle community through word, number and logic problems, we feature two puzzles with Canadian content (kenadiana) and one universal crossword. Our mission is to increase the awareness of great Canadian accomplishments among Canadians and non-Canadians through the medium of the crossword.

This Web site requires Java. If you see a gray rectangle under the Famous Quotes label in the left sidebar, Java is not enabled in your browser. Click here to find out how to enable Java.In case you were wondering about the names used in this site: Netizen is a combination of the words Net and Citizen. Likewise, urldom signifies the domain of urls used on the world-wide-web.

Link to the OED OnlineThe neologism Kenadiana, invented by Darrell Keane, is made from the words ken: (Noun) one’s range of knowledge (from the O.E.D) and Canadiana. Kenadiana signifies one’s knowledge of Canada and Canadians.

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        Darrell Keane (founder of


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